Our son has been a student of Coach Bones for about 3 years, and our son’s growth in skills, self-confidence and passion for baseball continues to impress us each season.   Coach Bones has an outstanding ability to almost “see “ the invisible to accurately diagnose our son’s specific skill weakness areas (addressing the physical and or mental components); communicate and demonstrate the problem and correction in the calmest most easiest to understand words that my son can relate to; and in my son’s own words, “Coach Bones shows me really cool exercises and methods to help me improve my mechanics that I can work on at home”.  Our son especially loves his lessons from Coach Bones because he can tell that Coach Bones loves baseball and really loves teaching it.  He is constantly sharing with us how great of a coach he is because Coach Bones encourages our son to do his best by being tough and strict yet at the same time he is fair.  Our son is so thrilled that Coach Bones can perform many different baseball skills so accurately that he is able to demonstrate many different game situations and simulations and how best to react to those situations during his lessons.  We are grateful that our son has a role model who teaches not only baseball skills, but the importance of hard work ethics, discipline, and teamwork – which are all requirements for success in any area of life.  In summary, Coach Bones is a Super Coach and we are looking forward to many more years of lessons and seeing our son enjoying his constantly improving skills on the field.