Tony C

“Coach Bones has been working with my boys (Nick and Anthony) for the past few years. They both really enjoy working with Coach Bones and have learned so much about the game of baseball from him. He explains things very clearly and always keeps it fun. Here’s what I love about having my boys work with Coach Bones. The first thing you should know which is extremely important to me as a parent is that Coach Bones always puts the health of your child/child’s arm first (Throwing program/Pronating to protect elbow, etc). He has a unique and creative teaching style which is all geared around protecting your child. That being said, Coach Bones also has a special ability to relate and adapt to both of my boys styles and strengths. The bottom line is every player is different. They are not robots. Some are more comfortable using a different type of stance (open or closed) or a different type of throwing style. Coach Bones has done a great job working around these different styles and enhancing them. Most instructors (at least others that my boys have worked with in the past) seem to want to completely change everything and they teach the same exact things to every kid they work with no matter what. This is not what Coach Bones does!! Coach Bones listens to your kid and sees what style they are most comfortable with. Does he make some changes and adjustments? Of course he does but he adapts to your kid and tweaks and enhances their particular style. That to me is a strength and a testimony to Coach Bones and it’s also something that no other instructor that my boys have worked with has ever done. My boys have played their best ball when they are working with Coach Bones!!”

-Tony Carlucci